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Although it's possible, thanks to IP address tracing, to start from an email address and discover various information about the account's owner, it is even more straightforward to search email by name -- starting with a person's actual name and discovering their email address from that information. There are far more records of a person's name than their email address, so this is a good technique for searching for various reasons.

The most obvious reason is that there is someone we know or want to get in contact with, but whose email address we're unsure of or simply don't know. It may not be possible to ask them; for example, you might have lost track of your cousin four years ago and now have an urgent reason to contact them, but are unable to because they've got an unlisted telephone number in an unknown location.

Another reason to search email by name is to confirm that an email comes from who it says it comes from. This is the flip side of using a reverse email search -- rather than starting with the email, you start with the name provided and compare it to public records of that name's email addresses in order to see if there really someone of this name who owns that email account. To search email by name in this case, you need a message that claims to identify the sender specifically.

Most search engines to search email by name require both the first and last name of the individual to be looked up. This is to narrow the number of searches -- simply entering a common last name like Smith, Jones, or Hernandez could result in so many hits that the reams of information would either clog the server's memory, or be so numerous as to be useless to the searcher. Remember that you can try several different spellings of the same name, and that most email search sites allow you to optionally narrow your search even more by including the state or even the city of residence in your search filters.

An interesting side effect of searching email by name is that a record of the search is also created, allowing people who register at certain sites to see who has searched for them. Since getting your email search results usually requires registering and paying a fee, you can get accurate, up-to-date data on who is searching for your email as well -- information that's at least interesting and possibly useful as well. You should bear in mind when you're preparing to search email by name that the target of your search can also gain information about you in this way: every search is a two-way street of data.

If you are prepared to accept the relatively low fees of online search websites, and the fact that you'll be creating a record of your search as well, then you can use the Internet to search email by name for a variety of reasons -- and quickly, efficiently find the email address of a friend, relative, or potential business contact.

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