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Usually, the email account that we want to make use of is at is our fingertips, and it is not necessary to locate email for the people we want to contact. Email accounts usually have lists of contacts that we can add people to, where their email addresses will remain permanently ensconced (or at least until we delete them). However, there are occasions when it becomes urgent to locate email for someone, yet we find ourselves unable to do so. Perhaps their email address was listed on an account we no longer have, or maybe we only have a name with which to track down a working email for important communication.

Fortunately, the size, detail, and thoroughness of the information contained on the Internet makes locating any current piece of data easier than it has been at any time in the past. The process to locate email can therefore be carried out from your home or office, or even the local library -- anywhere you can use a computer to access the Internet and the oceans of information it offers.

You can begin your search in various ways, but one of the most obvious is to start with the name and general location of the person you're trying to contact, and use an email address directory of some sort to locate email for this individual. There are many sites that offer ways to look up email addresses, starting with the name of the person involved, and narrowing the search results by location, if available. These range from paid directories like Finding-Email.com to free services such as the member directories on email provider sites.

There are also other options to locate email -- and this includes using direct human contact to discover the email address that you're looking for. The most obvious solution is to speak directly to the person you're trying to find the email address of, and ask them for their information so that you can send a letter through to them. If you can meet them in person, or call them on the phone, simply ask them what their email address is and jot it down for later reference.

This option may not be available, however -- you may not be able to contact the person or may not know them well enough to call them 'cold' and ask them for email address information. But this doesn't mean that you can't locate email for them through human agency. There are a lot of resources still open to you in the form of shared associates and acquaintances.

Ask anyone else who might have been in contact with the person you want to write to whether they have the email address you need. Ask them to search their email accounts to see if there's a stray message from years ago or something similar. Another approach is to see if they have any forwards from you. If you forwarded a message to a large number of people, including the person whose email you want to locate, then that email will still be on the list, and the other people on the list might still have a copy.

In short, there is more than one way to locate email, and if you leave no stone unturned in your search, you may well be rewarded with the email address that you need.

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