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Some people seem to change their email address as often as they change their clothing, and finding email for such people can become a real chore when you don't keep up to the minute on their latest email account, but suddenly find a reason to contact them. Others change their email less frequently, but it has been so long since you last got in contact with them that you either don't remember what their email address is, or they have changed it despite their conservatism and you are unable to get in touch with them.

There are many email directories and search websites on the Internet, some of which deal with the United States only, and others of which deal with the international Internet, or specific regions of the globe. You can sift through these sites during the process of finding email for a lost contact -- or a potential new contact -- and stand a good chance of eventually tracking them down, assuming they haven't changed their name or died in the meantime.

However, your attempt at finding email may be even simpler than that. There are now several email change of address websites where people can list their old email addresses as well as their new ones, and if you have an old, nonfunctional email, it's possible that you can use it as a clue to find the most recent email of the person you want to get in touch with.

These changes of address websites have their limitations, of course. They do not automatically register changes in email address -- people need to go to the sites and deliberately enter both their old and new email addresses. Most email users do not know that these websites even exist, so they never enter their emails there even if they would actually be willing to leave an 'email trail' for anyone who wanted to contact them in the future to follow. Others may know about the websites but fail to include their information -- whether because they lack the time, see no reason to, or actually want to avoid being contacted by people who know their old email address.

However, there are enough people who do know about the change of address websites and use them to make a visit there during the process of finding email worthwhile. You may well uncover the information you're looking for and find yourself in contact with your friend, business associate, or other contact sooner and more easily than you thought you would be.

Several of these websites are especially useful because of the large number of email addresses registered at them. FreshAddress is one of these sites, with about three million addresses in its database, and several options for different levels of privacy.

Remember also -- in the future, you may want to register your email addresses at an email change of address website to make the process of other people finding email for you easier. The more people contribute to the email finding system, the better it will work and the more smoothly the electronic rivers of communication will flow.

You can use a paid service, such as, which helps you find the email address of someone by entering the name. This service is not free, but it will save you much time, and provide more detailed information of the person.

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