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It is sometimes all too easy to lose track of someone's email. It can be accidentally deleted, or perhaps your email address has changed and your former contact is unable to reach you. In any case, the search to find someone's email address can be started by going to one of the major search engines, such as You can type in the name of the person and "email" in the window and hit the search tab, and then you may be able to find the email of the individual. This method is always free, but it will not guarantee that you will always find the result, and also even if you find the result, you don't know if it is the updated one.

An email search can also be done using the online directories, such as An email search can be conducted here with only the individual's last name. If you are able to supply a first name, or even an initial, it will help pinpoint your email search, since some last names are very common and you might get hundreds of results to sift through before you find the email you're actually looking for.

You can also use social networks to help you find someone's email. People always use their primary email addresses to sign up for social networks. For those of you who have already signed up at FaceBook or MySpace, you can find someone's email through

Another site that you might visit in order to find someone's email is This is not a free service. You can start to search for free, and may get some preliminary results such as the age, city and relatives of the person you are searching for. But you have to become a member before you can use it to find someone's email and other detail information. Once you have signed up, you have access to cross-domain database to work on your email search. This service also provides unlimited email searches. Your email search at this site will provide you with a report of all relevant emails from the information you provided. They will also give you a social network report and a background check, if desired.

You have many ways to find someone's email. You can always start with the free services. If you can't find the results you want after some efforts, it is a good idea to use the paid service, which will save you a lot of time, and give you the accurate results.

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