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Amid the endless flood of emails and other electronic communication, it is possible to lose track of someone's email address, and then, months or years later, find an urgent need to contact that person again. There's always some moment when it becomes necessary to find email addresses without the ability to simply ask the person or business what their address is.

There are lots of ways to find email addresses, including both free and paid websites which are dedicated to maintaining databases of millions of emails and providing searchers with the answers that they want. Sometimes, though, the email address simply isn't among those on the most commonly used sites. Emails can occasionally prove to be as elusive as unlisted telephone numbers, and when this happens, it becomes necessary to find email addresses with more unorthodox methods.

If the person is one you've been in contact with in the past, try searching the dank recesses of your email accounts for a long-forgotten email that will include the email address that you're looking for. Search your email accounts for the first and last names of the person, and, if that doesn't work, trying searching for a few words relating to some of the things you remember discussing with them.

For example, if you were talking over the purchase of an Audi car the last time you were in contact with the person for whom you're trying to find email addresses, searching for "Audi" may turn up the email you're looking for. Obviously, the more unusual the words that you were using when contacting this individual, the more you'll be narrowing your results. Searching for "the" isn't much help because nearly every email in your inbox will contain this word.

If you're not lucky enough to find email addresses for the person you want to contact somewhere in your inbox, there are still some resources you can turn to in order to discover the long-lost email. One good way is if your potential contact works for a large company or a government agency. Such organizations often give their employees official work email addresses that consist of first and last name, and which use the company or organization name as the server name.

For instance, if you're looking to contact John Q. Public, and you know that he works for the United States Postal Service, then it's extremely likely that he has an email address like or You can try firing off a couple of short emails to these addresses just to see if you can get in contact with the person in this way.

You can make your attempt to find email addresses more successful by looking up other people's contact information on the company website and seeing how company email addresses are constructed. If Elena Salinsky works at the United Tire Company, and the boss' name is Fred Jones, and his email address is, then Elena's company email is very likely to be

You can also use an email finder website, such as, which allows you to enter the email address and then find the name and location of the owner instantly. There will be a small amount of fee, but it will save you much time in searching, and give you more accurate result.

Using your own ingenuity and the information available to you, you can use many other resources than actual email search websites when you're looking to find email addresses -- resources which stand a good chance of guiding you to the specific email address that you need or want.

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