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There can be no doubt that the Internet has revolutionized communication, allowing people from all over the globe to contact each other instantly using email -- but sometimes, an email finder is needed before this contact is possible. Despite its undoubted utility, the Internet does not automatically deliver the email address we need or want to us at the moment when we open our email account, and for this reason, we must sometimes track down an email using various search engines and other online services.

Although it is often possible to simply ask a person or company what their email address is, there are also numerous occasions when this cannot be easily. For example, we may want to contact a company in the evening, when we have time off from work and other responsibilities to write a necessary letter, but at this time, the company is closed, and it isn't possible to call them and find out what their customer service email is. In this case, using an email finder may well prove to be the difference between being able to write an important missive and postponing the writing for yet another day.

Or, alternatively, we may find ourselves wanting to contact a specific person, but for whatever reason, we're more comfortable using the Internet than a telephone call to them. Perhaps we're tired of playing "telephone tag," calling back and forth between answering machines and never managing to get in contact because of differences in schedule. There may be other reasons as well -- a 'cold call' to someone may be awkward, and setting up the call through an email can help both parties relax and feel more at ease discussing what they need to talk about. You may be perfectly willing to talk, but no matter what time you call, the telephone just rings, or is always busy, perhaps because of a dial-up Internet connection on the other end. The possible reasons for wanting to use an email finder are infinite.

Luckily, once we decide we need an email finder, there are many excellent programs on offer. Starting with someone's name and location -- or a business name and location -- and finding an email address from that is far easier than starting with an email address only and looking up the owner through a reverse email search. Email finders abound on the Internet, and many offer rapid, useful, and possibly free results.

Indeed, there are some email finder websites, such as, which allow you to search someone's email address by entering the name. You can test them by seeing if they can find the email addresses of known people, such as yourself, close relatives and friends, and so on -- and add these to your favorites list so that whenever you need an email finder, it will be at your fingertips.

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