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Email addresses are an extremely useful tool for communicating with other people, especially since you can send an email at any time without worrying about disturbing someone's sleep or interrupting their work -- but an email address search is sometimes needed to find out exactly where a message should be sent. Email addresses can sometimes seem more elusive and slippery than physical addresses.

This is especially true since many people switch between email accounts frequently, meaning that your critical message may sit unread in an abandoned email address, or even bounce back to you as a 'delivery permanently failed' message. The only sure way to prevent this if you haven't been in contact with someone for a while is to find out what their current email address is -- and the surest way to do so, other than to talk to them directly, is to conduct an email address search on one of the many Internet services that do exactly that.

There are both free and paid email address search services available, both of which may offer excellent levels of service. Among paid email address search websites, such sites as offer usually-accurate data and give you more than just the email address of the person you're looking for. However, you need to pay a fee for their use, so you may want to try a free service first, such as Yahoo People Search.

Sometimes, an email address search may not seem to be getting the results that are needed, and it is only natural to get frustrated when this happens and perhaps consider abandoning the search. However, it is also possible that you just need to vary your search terms slightly and that the information you need is only a few keystrokes away. The person you're looking for may be listed under a nickname rather than their full name, an initial, or a slightly different spelling.

If your email address search isn't producing the results you want, try changing the given name of the person you're searching for first of all. Some names have several different spellings, as for example Carl and Karl, or may even be listed as a foreign name, such as Carlo. Other people may have listed their email addresses under a nickname; for instance, if Charles Smith's email address was registered under Chad Smith, then you will not find it by looking for Charles Smith. Try a few common nicknames if the name has any.

Initials are another possibility -- indeed, it was formerly almost customary for women especially to list their given name as an initial in the telephone book. Some email address search sites will allow you skip the given name entirely -- although this may result in overwhelming numbers of results when the name is a common one like Johnson. Whatever the case, using a little imagination and interpreting your email address search results carefully will likely allow you to track down the email address you need, pinpoint the person you want to contact, and let you send an email speeding along the electronic superhighway to their inbox.

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